Our company has been managing the wholesale trading of plastic raw material for more than 50 years. Whereas domestic economy faltered following the bubble's implosion, Chinese economy entered the growth stage. In parallel with that, the market in Hong Kong brisk business, and demand for crushed material and recycling pellet rapidly increased. In order to correspond to the tendency in this age, our company also began to handle the export of raw material dozen years ago. The growth of Hong Kong and China is phenomenal, and bigger growth is also expected for our business.

The total amount of waste plastic emission in Japan hovers around 10 million tons and the effective usage rate is growing with each passing year: Now it is over 60%. The amount of our transaction volume of raw material is about 1000 tons per month. 80% is exported, and 20% is circulated domestically. When raw material arrives, they are managed with separated bar-codes for each resin in our warehouses. We attempt to operate effectively.

Our main export destinations are Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Macau. Majority of Hong Kong companies moved their production plants to Guangdong province in China, and they keep expanding / growing as supply does not meet enormous demand. As Hong Kong collects plastic material from all over the world and supplies the huge amount of them to China, the rising demand for China expand from the coast region to the inland and north-east region: The quantity overwhelms Japanese peoples expectations.

For instance, assuming that raw material (crushed material) collected in Japan was sold off to A company in Hong Kong. A company transports the containers from Japan to their factories in Guangdong Province in China. The imported raw material are colored with extruder (Ruder) and become recycling pellet. This pellet is mainly sold off to the molding plants in Hong Kong and Taiwan, then becomes product such as parts of light electric appliances, miscellaneous goods, car parts, and toys etc. and is exported all over the world.